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Let’s have some fun on the interwebs, shall we?

It’s funny that contractors at the Dylan Thomas center in Swansea made the same spelling mistake twice, writing “lighting” for “lightning.” With my students, it’s usually “lightening,” which makes for some unintentionally hilarious sentences at times.

Lots of people linked Anis Shivani’s list of overrated contemporary American writers. I certainly have my own opinions on some of the people included there, but I’m reminded mostly of what I don’t like about list posts, namely, that they’re a cheap way to stir up controversy without adding much value to a conversation.

I suppose I’ve never run across the practice of coffee shops banning computers between certain hours because the idea of being able to write effectively in public is alien to me, but given that it exists, I suppose I’m not surprised that Kindle/iPad/e-reader prejudice exists.

A note about comment streams: I don’t blame any blogger, especially a solo blogger with a large audience, for either eliminating comments or for leaving them unmoderated. We moderate comments here, and even though our comment threads don’t generally get as long as those at other sites, they can still be a handful. I only moderate occasionally. We all have lives, after all.

We’ve also been lucky here in that we don’t often have problems with CFB’s (comment field bullies) like those discussed by Jessica Smith and Ron Silliman, among others, certainly not in this column or in our poetry reviews. And as long as our luck holds, we’ll keep the comment streams open. Fingers crossed.

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