Poetic Lives Online: Links by Brian Spears


Jenny Hendrix in The New Yorker wades into the question of whether or not song lyrics are poetry. She’s responding to Kristen Hoggatt at The Smart Set, who’s responding to Billy Collins in the Wall Street Journal. I have my own thoughts on the matter which put me closer to Collins than I’m generally comfortable with being.

Are you a part of the Rumpus Poetry Book Club? We’re tearing it up over Timothy Donnelly’s The Cloud Corporation in no small part due to Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s writing on it. You can join at any time.

If you want to see some of what you’ve been missing, you can see the Poetry Book Club’s interviews with Shane Book–cut and uncut.

Sandra Beasley is going to be writing for VIDA, who we love here at The Rumpus.

Great piece by Barbara Jane Reyes on the difficulties/contradictions/issues that surround classes on poets of color and the exclusion of those poets from “standardized” courses.

We Who Are About to Die brings back FMK Fridays, this time with Objectivists.

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