Early Impressions Of Orange Eats Creeps


After negotiating a last minute address change, among other last minute changes, I finally received my much-anticipated copy of The Orange Eats Creeps by Grace Krilanovich.

I haven’t had much time with it yet but, after the first twenty pages, I can safely say it is a pretty incredible read.  If the mishaps of Slutty Teenage Hobo Junkie Vampires aren’t enough of a lure, then I don’t know what is.  But really it’s her language, words that are subtle, revelatory and ensnaring and that I can’t look away from.

It’s the perfect book to read after you’ve been uprooted to an industrial crossroads of a big, battered city, and are living in a tumbledown garret room with a view of a lumberyard, a room with walls that look vaguely like they belong in a back-alley Bangkok hostel — all of which has happened to me and happily so might I add.

You should buy it from Two Dollar Radio. I also suspect that someone here at The Rumpus will be doing a full review of it in the near future.

Michael Berger is a barely-published writer and book-seller living in San Francisco. He is one of the founding Corsairs of the Iron Garters Bike Club and is currently pursuing a degree in applied pataphysics. He sometimes eats oatmeal for dinner. More from this author →