Book Club Wonders


-How big is Adam Levin‘s The Instructions? Joseph Michael Owens reveals four demonstrative photos.

-What does Tao Lin sound like in person? A clip of him reading at Litquake on October 4th.

-Is Lin’s Richard Yates immensely relatable? Corey K. from City Arts thinks so.

-“Is Tao Lin’s medicated prose my generation’s brain voice?” asks Bookslut’s Lorian Long.

-“I sometimes feel that MFA programs have churned out a bunch of slick writing with no soul or balls — is this just me?” asks Corey from the Rumpus Book Club during its online interview of Lan Samantha Chang.

-“What was your approach to the sentence-making in this book?  Since you were writing about poets, did the poetry of the language seem more important than usual?” wonders Edan Lepucki when she interviews Chang for The Millions.

Maddie Oatman has interviewed musicians and writers for The Rumpus. She's the research editor at Mother Jones, where she also writes. A Boulder transplant, she can often be found on her bike, skis, or cooking with vegetables, and she wrote her English thesis on a gay red-winged monster and Billy the Kid. Follow her on Twitter or read occasional musings on her blog Oats. More from this author →