Rumpus Book Club Round-Up: Breaking Up and Getting Back Together


The Rumpus got busy reviewing its own book club picks this week, with Kevin Thomas’s comic review of Lan Samantha Chang‘s All is Forgotten, Nothing is Lost and book club member John Brown’s effusive critique of Adam Levin‘s The Instructions.

Well-Read Wife‘s Mandy doesn’t find anything wrong with The Instructions, but wrote a letter in order to break off her relationship with the book for now.

Missing older Book Club authors like Citrus County‘s John Brandon? Here’s a clip where you can watch the actual printing of a special edition of Citrus County. As a part of Squarebooks’ Broadside Series, readers can buy a copy of the book with an extra artistic tie-in and an autograph from Brandon.

Remember our new Poetry Pick, Timothy Donnelly‘s “The Cloud Corporation”? Read a review of it in The New Yorker.

HTML Giant posted such a long interview of Tao Lin about his new novel Richard Yates, they had to publish it in two parts.  Part One touches on Lin’s style and writing process, while in Part Two, interviewer Stephen Tully Dierks presses Lin to react to some of his most biting reviewers.

The LA Times wrote about a UCLA panel discussion, moderated by n+1 Magazine contributor Christian Lorentzen, focused on defining the enigmatic character of the “hipster. Tao Lin contributed to the discussion, though his answers emerged in his trademark mumble.

Washington Square News reporter Genevieve Walker takes a look at Tao Lin from the perspective of a student at Lin’s alma mater, NYU. She calls Richard Yates “essentially the literary equivalent of an American Apparel advertisement.” Read her review to see exactly why.

The Faster Times‘ Chelsea Martin sees Richard Yates as a thinly-veiled autobiographical account of Lin’s supposed relationship with a high school student.

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