Little Reptiles and How to Draw a Hamster


In a new artistic video by Amanda Joy, Surf Guru author Doug Dorst reads his story “Little Reptiles,” and creepy crawlies start to come out of the woodworks (well, background).

In another artistic video, Richard Yates author Tao Lin discusses his forthcoming iPhone app called “North American Hamsters,” which features 60 hamsters who give advice. Also included: the story behind the rodent fetish, and a demonstration on how to draw a hamster.

A National Post Q&A with Lin calls him a “literary hustler” because of his “tireless” self-promotion and impressive collection of followers.

Riverfront Times has a brief Q&A with Adam Levin, author of the massive tome The Instructions. Asked whether he wanted the book to be so long, Levin admits: “I had no plan when I started writing. It developed in such a way, and the I wrote till I was done.”

“True life plot-twists for Citrus County author John Brandon”, in The Saint Petersburg Times,  takes a look at the development of John Brandon‘s literary career and writing addiction.

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