Saturday Morning Links


This gets my vote as headline of the week. And it might be good advice if you’re looking to boost voter turnout. Maybe we could offer these as premiums.

Are you a naturally-born woman between 18-27, a registered voter, never been married or photographed nude, can handle a firearm and want to be in a beauty pageant? Gotcha covered.

As the Florida representative of Rumpus Southeast, I get to deal with a slightly more conservative form of politics than my California Rumpusers do. Here’s an example: I get to thank Attorney General Bill McCollum for not appealing a state court ruling that ends Florida’s ban on gays adopting children. Think about what’s at stake when you go to the polls soon, no matter where you live, especially if you’re considering sitting this one out.

On its own, this story about a brand new British sub running aground is funny. But when you take the name of the sub into account, it’s priceless.

Boing Boing! decides to help the New York Times out in its quest to avoid using the word “torture” in a context where it would actually be accurate.

I won’t even try to excerpt Alberto Manguel’s essay in The Threepenny Review (which you should totally be subscribing to if you’re not already). I’m just going to tell you to read it.

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