Fem Lit, Black Lit, Yid Lit, Digi Lit: Book Club Round Up


-You can still get a copy of The Rumpus Women Volume 1, edited by Julie Greicius and Elissa Bassist (whose interview with Amy Sedaris is outlandishly funny) if you sign up by November 15th.

Elizabeth Alexander‘s experience as a black American results in poems like “Affirmative Action Blues” and “Race” in her new collection, Crave Radiance. The Hartford Advocate reviews.

The New York Times‘s Joshua Cohen takes a look at Adam Levin‘s The Instructions, and more specifically, at its protagonist: “Gurion, master of the portentous name, is a misbehaved 10-year-old, expelled from various Chicago-­area yeshivas and now condemned to an experimental disciplinary program at Aptakisic Junior High referred to as the Cage.”

-Did you know American Express has a culture blog? Neither did I. Turns out credit card companies are interested in 1,000 page novels too.

-This week in Yid Lit: a podcast of an interview with Levin.

-In case you missed it, The Rumpus Book Club digests Levin’s elephant of a novel.

-“A hundred years from now, how will literary historians deal with 21st-century authors like Tao Lin?” The Boston Phoenix weighs in.

-You might have already read everything there is to read about Tao Lin, but have you seen a picture of him eating something that looks like hair? New York Guest of a Guest blog’s Ross Kenneth Urken chases after Lin, admitting: “interviewing Lin is a frustratingly uphill battle against his laconic tendencies.”

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