Intoxication with the Glory: Book Club Round-Up


The Guardian‘s Nicholas Lezard examines Tao Lin‘s Richard Yates. “It is all achingly hip,” Lezard writes, “in its studied avoidance of the depths that literary fiction is meant to plumb. And that might be the end of the matter – but I don’t think it is.” Read more here. calls Adam Levin’s The Instructions “Napoleonically ambitious.” “The book is irresistible,” writes Douglas Wolk. “Its chief flaws are too many ideas, too much enthusiasm, too much intoxication with the glory of its language.” Criticisms that Levin would probably embrace with open arms.

The San Francisco Chronicle calls The Instructions “riotous, gigantic and disturbing.”

Reviewer Maud Newton praises Levin for engendering sympathy in the reader for the schemes of a thug-like protagonist.

And Powell’s names The Instructions their new Indiespensable book.

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