National Novel Writing Month:
Oh Shit It’s the Cops!


Over on Salon, Laura Miller bashes NaNoWriMo calling the whole endeavor “a waste of time of energy” that proves “that the cultural spaces once dedicated to the selfless art of reading are being taken over by the narcissistic commerce of writing.”

In response, Jacket Copy’s Carolyn Kellogg argues against Miller’s article point by point. She favorably compares NaNoWriMo to the MFA experience and defends the participants as savvy “cultural consumers” who are merely trying to express themselves.

And then Miller responded to Kellogg via comment thread while riding the motherfucking bus.

What say you, Rumpus readers? Is NaNoWriMo the END OF LITERATURE?! Or does it serve as a valuable outlet/exercise for writers searching for their own voice?

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