Poetic Lives Online: Links by Brian Spears


We don’t do end-of-the-year lists here at The Rumpus–we don’t do lists in general–but I’m very much in favor of linking to gift recommendations, so here’s Ron Slate offering space to 19 poets to recommend new and recent titles for your gift-giving pleasure.

And over at No Tell Motel, Reb Livingston has contributors naming their favorite books of the year.

VIDA is a year old now, and I for one am damn glad they’re out there. (Update: that’s older than I thought, but it’s still worth reading.)

D. A. Powell recommends this Kickstarter project, and that’s good enough for me.

Tomorrow night the Rumpus Poetry Book Club is chatting with Jena Osman about her book The Network. If you were a member, you could be a part of it. Here’s how you join. Next month we’ll be talking with Aimee Nezhukumatathil about her new book.

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Brian Spears

Brian Spears is Senior Poetry Editor of The Rumpus and the author of A Witness in Exile (Louisiana Literature Press, 2011). His poem “Upon Reading That Andromeda Will One Day Devour Triangulum and Come For Us Next” was featured in Season 9 of Motion Poems. More from this author →