Wikileaks Roundup


First it was Amazon dumping Wikileaks from its servers (though how much Senator Lieberman had to do with it is up for debate), which raises some real questions for everyone who wants to put their data in the cloud. Now it’s PayPal getting in on the action, cutting them off from online contributions.

No matter how you feel about Wikileaks or this particular release of information, I think you have to be worried that companies are willing, even eager it seems, to cut off them off at even the hint of public pressure. Today it’s Wikileaks–tomorrow, who?

It’s rare when I’m on the same side as Ron Paul.

It’s not rare for me to disagree with Mike Huckabee. Indeed, I feel it’s my civic duty to do so most of the time.

Josh Marshall suggests Julian Assange is auditioning for a part in the next Austin Powers movie.

And as has been the case from the beginning, The Guardian is doing the most comprehensive coverage of anyone out there.

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