Wikileaks Update


The ACLU suggests that prosecuting Wikileaks might not be feasible, or even constitutional under US law.

More on this. Basically, if the US can try Wikileaks under the Espionage Act, then they can try any media outlet who publishes classified material–the NY Times or Washington Post, for example.

Paypal’s VP clarifies why they shut down the Wikileaks account.

Operation: Payback is the name of the attack against Mastercard and others by the group Anonymous, which is linked to 4Chan.

Clay Shirky’s piece on Wikileaks and the tensions between transparency and governance is worth reading.

It seems the attacks on Wikileaks have only made them stronger.

The federal government warns its workers that reading the Wikileaks cables is a violation of the law. No word on whether watching television newscasts on the subject can get you thrown in the slammer.

Some more background on the charges against Julian Assange–apparently, the women who brought them really just wanted him to take an STD test.

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