Close By and Personal: A Book Club Round Up


Poet and essayist S.X. Rosenstock recaps a night in West Hollywood with readers from Rumpus Women, Volume 1 on The Huffington Post. “Prior to this I’ve never been at a reading where four writers in a row were able to offer a high level of artistic craft in their prose AND employ an unerring sense of judgment about how to render challenging subject matter AND read the work aloud in a open-hearted, appealing way,” she gushes.

In Nor-Cal? Check out the next Rumpus Women, Volume 1 event this Monday night at 7pm at The Makeout Room, featuring authors Kathleen Alcott, Julie Greicius, Antonia Crane, Sarah Fran Wisby, and Michelle Tea!

Jezebel says Rumpus Women, Vol. 1 is “now on our christmas list.”

Publisher’s Weekly reviews our next book club pick, Andrew Altschul’s Deus Ex Machina.

An interview with Lan Samantha Chang, on Bookslut.

Tao Lin‘s everywhere, including a new cooking show. Emily Gould gets Lin to teach her a salad recipe for her show, Cooking the Books, as well as clarifying some misconceptions about his writing style and eating habits.

The New Yorker‘s Dan Chiasson calls Timothy Donnelly‘s The Cloud Corporation his “favorite  book of the year” and one of the eleven best poetry books of 2011.

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