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Next up for the Rumpus Poetry Book Club: Lucky Fish by Aimee Nezhukumatathil. We’re hammering out the selections for the next three months right now, so stay tuned. There’s some fierce competition.

Dean Young needs a heart transplant, and Tony Hoagland is asking for people to donate in Young’s name.

Sandy Longhorn muses on submissions and rejections, and on changing her approach.

I’m not going to link to this next story because 1) it’s at the Huffington Post and 2) because I despise the premise. Any time a person asks the question “is (insert genre here) at a dead end?” or something similar, the best answer is always “no, and you’re a damned idiot for asking.” At least in my opinion. The people asked in this piece still managed to do something with the question (for the most part), but if you want to find it, then you have to hunt for it.

Sina Queyras interviews Gail Scott at LemonHound.

Neil de la Flor interviews Sandra Simonds at Almost Dorothy,

Lisa Russ Spaar mentions some sites that are probably familiar to anyone who comes here, but I like her larger point, namely that the web is breaking down the divide between so called “academic poets” and the rest. I’ve long thought the divide was overblown, except by those who benefit from making sure one exists, but to the extent one is there, I’m glad it’s disappearing.

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