Wikileaks Roundup


The controversy over Wikileaks’ decision to release these cables has caused a split. Openleaks is a new group that hopes to do what Wikileaks does, only with less controversy because they won’t do any of the publishing themselves. I don’t know how that’s going to work, given that Wikileaks has actually published very few of the embassy cables (compared to what they claim to possess) and yet they’re still at the center of this firestorm.

Wait–you’d heard that Wikileaks had published all 250,000 cables, regardless of what damage they might cause? I’m not surprised. There’s a lot of disinformation going around.

Glenn Greenwald is also taking the media to task for their shoddy coverage of the story.

International PEN released a statement on the Wikileaks controversy.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation states their position as well.

InDigest wants you to write a cento based on the released cables.

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