While Away the Hours: Book Club Round-Up


You can read notes from our book club discussion of Pacazo, Roy Kesey‘s new novel that reminded one reader of The Sound and the Fury, “with an unreliable narrator whose narrative goes back and forth in time.”

If you’re in Minneapolis (current temperature: 18 degrees), a nice way to stave off frostbite is to hulk around Adam Levin‘s The Instructions. The amount of blood pumping through your body as you try to support the book’s staggering weight should keep you warm. Or, according to Twin Cities’s Metro magazine, spend the morning cozied up to a fire getting lost in this opus, and you’ll forget all about the blizzard outside.

The Instructions was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Awards fiction category, though the award went to To the End of the Land, by David Grossman. Check out the full list of 2010 winners here.

Did Tao Lin really get married? The New York Observer investigates the root of a tweet proclaiming Lin asked longtime girlfriend Megan Boyle’s hand last week.

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