The Trick of Thinking Through Infinity: Book Club Round-Up


I remember/ the trick of thinking through infinity, a crowd of eyes/ against an asphalt wall, writes Timothy Donnelly in his poem “The Cloud Corporation.” If you haven’t had the chance to pore through his latest collection by the same name, you can find some of his new poems on the Poetry Foundation website.

The Women of the Rumpus, including Jami Attenberg, Elissa Bassist, Justine Hope Blau, Nell Boeschenstein and Michelle Orange, read essays from their collection, Rumpus Women, Vol. I at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn. “When asked whether the writers had anything in common,” writes Shannon Firth who attended the reading, “Ms. Bassist said ‘honesty’ and also ‘ballsiness’ or I guess ‘ovariness.'”

Horn! reviews Andrew Altschul‘s Deus Ex Machina in comic form.

Stacy Patton reviews Citrus County, one of our first Book Club books. She notes that while author John Brandon‘s plot resembles a commercial crime novel at first glance, it’s really much more of a psychological study that results in an “uncomfortable book…an unflinching portrayal of the brutality and tenderness human beings are capable of.”  Intrigued? Read the full review in The Collagist.

Want to get to know Jim Shepard, author of our next book club selection You Think That’s Bad? Here’s an old interview of him talking about how he came to write about Chernobyl (in an earlier book). One aspect of his writing process?  “There’s this stage of research that really shouldn’t be called research, it should be called ‘Jim should get a life.'”

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