What’s Happening in Egypt?


Let me say at the outset here that I don’t really know. This is a developing story and there are some conflicting reports coming out of an area that isn’t exactly known for its love of a free and independent press. One other thing: I’m doing this on the fly, so I’m skimming these pieces as I link to them. Don’t look for in-depth analysis here.

One of the booming Twitter hashtags right now is #Jan25, so that’s one place to follow along.

Nick Baumann at Mother Jones has a good rundown of what’s going on, with some background on how this all started.

Gordon Reynolds at The Awl seems to be doing some on-site reporting, complete with video.

MSNBC reports 3 dead in the fighting.

Eric Trager at The Atlantic writes “Egypt’s future will be determined on some other day. But, in a way they have not done in decades, ordinary Egyptians are demanding a stake in it.”

Spiegel interviews Nobel Laureate Mohamed ElBaradei about the situation across North Africa and about the protests today.

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