What’s Happening in Egypt, updated


The Twitter hashtag #Jan25 is still hopping. It can be difficult to filter out some of the noise, but it’s a way to get some real time information on what’s happening. The Egyptian government had blocked Twitter, but local activists seem to have managed a workaround for now.

Here’s more on the Egyptian government’s attempts to control access to social media as an organizing tool. The group Anonymous is orchestrating DOS attacks against government websites as well.

The BBC has also gathered some eyewitness accounts of yesterday’s protests.

Al Jazeera is reporting calm for the moment as the Egyptian government is cracking down on protesters.

MSNBC is reporting up to 200 people arrested. On a side note, I understand that 3 deaths technically makes the riots “deadly,” but doesn’t that word seem a bit over the top for a headline given the size of the protests?

MIke Giglio says Hosni Mubarak has reason to be worried.

Enduring America seems to have a solid live blog in place, and they’re updating with stories pretty quickly.

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