Le Book Club Round-Up


Deus Ex Machina made the pages of The Wall Street Journal; reviewer Sam Sacks calls Andrew Altschul‘s novel about a reality TV show “heady and fast-paced.”

SanJose.com also reviews Deus Ex Machina, saying “it is enough to make you doubt yourself and the world.”

Louisville’s Leo Weekly sings Timothy Donnelly‘s praises, saying that his latest poems in The Cloud Corporation “teem with anxiety-soaked images of existence lived at the behest of a credit-card economy that defines a massive corporatization of life, reducing even the individual to a commodity.” Sure sounds dark, but The New Yorker named this collection the best of the year, and as reviewer Sean Patrick Hill notes, “Donnelly’s response to the madness has obviously hit a nerve.”

Still haven’t read Roy Kesey‘s Pacazo? The Nervous Breakdown blog has posted an excerpt that might answer your question: What’s a “pacazo”?

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