Gabi on the Roof in July (in San Francisco)


Tonight is the final screening of Gabi on the Roof in July at the San Francisco Indiefest. If you’ve seen Tiny Furniture, you’ll appreciate that both movies feature hipster hamster’s that die unexpectedly. But Gabi‘s hamster could beat up Tiny‘s.

Made by young Brooklyn filmmaking couple Lawrence Michael Levine (director, character of “Sam,”) and Sophia Takal (producer, editor, character of “Gabi”), Gabi is a pastiche of wonder and honesty. Levine didn’t originally intend to be in the film at all, but shooting took so long on their limited budget that he eventually stepped in, playing the role of Sam, who’s naive little sister, Gabi, full of harmfully cute ideas about anarchy and art, comes to visit him in Brooklyn, on vacation from Oberlin. It’s a good thing he stepped in; their playful, whip-smart dynamic drives the film toward something awesome.

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