“Campbell McGrath” a Rumpus Original Poem by Nick Demske


Campbell Mcgrath

I’ll campbell mcgrath your fucking buttsack you little
Campbell mcgrath.
Campbell the fuck outta my mcgrath with a
side of mcgrath sauce.
Hey lady, you like the way my dick
looks when I lop it off with
loppers and hang
it on a string from
the ceiling fan?
Turn the fan on and stand under it
and get wapped in the face with
my fidel the fuck castro. Yeah.

Huckabuckin’ down a little campbell mcgrath avenue.
Hey fat ass!
Do you have any idea how many ladies
i’ve been with?
You just wait. You just wait and
She will fuck you, she will fuck
your mom, fuck your dad, steal your urine samples from a laboratory,
set your record collection on fire,
fuck your life and stab a huge
metal sloon so deep into your
heart that you’ll campbell mcgrath
all the fuck over your banana
Look at me when I beef with your
beefy bits.
Fucking campbell mcgrath all over my face
you dirty, dirty ass-mcgrath.
Pump it out the mcgrath machine,
eat a little campbell’s soup can, yeah.
Rory calhoun.
That painter, Joseph Dali. Whatever you
eat you’re gonna shit so fuck it.

–Nick Demske

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