The Lost Books of the Science of Judaism


They’ve traveled the world for more than half a century, in the suitcases of antiques dealers and in the collections of academic institutes.

Now important books from the Science of Judaism collection, curated by a Jewish librarian at the start of Hitler’s rise to power, have been located. “While the exact trails of many of the volumes remain murky, they wind through book-lined apartments on the Upper West Side, across a 97-year-old woman’s cluttered coffee table and into a library’s cavernous stacks.” Though many of the books were lost during World War II, the collection is considered a major turning point in the foundation of Jewish studies as an academic area of interest.

Jill Haberkern has lived in a one-room house made of tombstones and a farmhouse with a walrus head. She currently lives in Berkeley, California, with neither. Her writing has appeared in the Mid-American Review. More from this author →