Happy Hour: The Rumpus Book Club Round-Up


The Rumpus Book club reveals how Jim Shepard might just be your favorite catastrophist.

Lidia Yuknavitch‘s sentences can be rambling and unorthodox, says Books and Brews blogger of her new book The Chronology of Water. “Easily the most important thing to grasp from this memoir is the idea that memory is an ever-shifting entity.” Read more, and watch the book video here.

Who influenced Deus Ex Machina author Andrew Altschul? Raymond Carver, Salman Rushdie, John Irving, and more. Read why on Courier-Journal.com

So you think you’re a poet? Noelle Kocot has written 1,300 new poems since the release of her most recent collection, The Bigger World. Marvel at this prolific writer by reading the Rumpus Poetry Club interview with Kocot.

News of the strange: Tao Lin was reportedly riding a bus this week that got pulled over  because the driver seemed drunk. Upon further investigation, it turns out police suspicions were founded, and the driver was arrested. True to his nature, Lin spent the duration of the experience sending out Twitter updates.

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