Has Your Letter Been Published in My Column?


A letter from Sugar:

Dearest sweet peas whose letters have been published in my columns,

I need your help. As many of you have suggested, I’m pursuing the possibility of publishing a book of my columns. In the course of this, I realized that I needed to make explicit what has been implicit all along: that when you submit your letters to me, you grant me the right to publish it on The Rumpus and elsewhere. Because of this, we have created a standard terms of use statement, which you can read here:


If your letter was published in one of my columns (and I haven’t already communicated with you about this privately), could you please email me stating which column your letter was in (cite the title as well as the number please) and that you agree to the terms of use statement? You may write to me directly at [email protected] or you may write to me with total anonymity via my form at the end of each column. Either way, your identity will never be revealed. You don’t have to give me your name or contact information. You only need to say which column it was and yes.

Thank you.