WELCOME TO THE TEN-IN-ONE: The Alligator Man and the Bearded Lovely


What is the Ten-in-One? Just what it sounds like. Ten acts under one tent, for one low, low price. A common configuration of the carnival sideshow. So it’s ten comics, one for each act. An extraordinary collection of freakish curiosities. Step right up… Act #5:

Lisa Brown became a New York Times bestseller by illustrating The Latke Who Couldn’t Stop Screaming by Lemony Snicket, to whom she is allegedly married. Her other less-bestselling-but-still-worth-something books include How to Be and Vampire Boy’s Good Night for children, McSweeney’s Baby Be of Use series of board books for new parents, and, with author Adele Griffin, Picture the Dead, an illustrated ghost story for young adults. She creates The Three Panel Book Review comic strip for the San Francisco Chronicle. Please visit Lisa at americanchickens.com or follow her sporadic tweets @lisabrowndraws. More from this author →