Here Я Some Essays I Like


Every so often, I post links to a bunch of very short essays that only take a second to read but that made my day better. Hopefully, they’ll make your’s better too.

“Last night, I had a little power at my house as the darkness settled over us all.  I sent out pulses into space.  My students, scattered by the storm, still clutched that rapidly diminishing charge in their hands.  Their phones retained some spark.  They echoed back.” At Brevity, “Some Space” by Michael Martone (part of a special edition about the tornado in Tuscaloosa).

“Of course I didn’t need an ancient desert god to know we didn’t belong.” At anderbo, “Mountain Sleepers” by Nuria Sheehan.

““Here, you grab one end of this little piece of shit,” one officer encouraged another as they grabbed me and carried me to the corner of the truck. Instead of throwing me inside, they threw me against the side of the door and I buckled in the middle.” —At Fringe, “Rolling Into Jackson,” a third vignette in Michael Royce’s “Mississippi Freedom Summer in Eight Vignettes”.

“All that has changed of course now that the Orc has achieved ascendency in world culture, transcending nationality.” At elimae, the essay “Orcapoi Review” by AE Reiff. (in which you will learn both everything and nothing about orcs.)

Seth Fischer’s writing has twice been listed as notable in The Best American Essays and has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize by several publications, including Guernica. He was the founding Sunday editor at The Rumpus and is the current nonfiction editor at The Nervous Breakdown. He is a Dornsife PhD Fellow at USC and been awarded fellowships and residencies by Ucross, Lambda Literary, Jentel, Ragdale, and elsewhere, and he teaches at the UCLA-Extension Writer’s Program and Antioch University, where he received his MFA. More from this author →