James Franco Does His THING


If you don’t know by now, THE THING is an object-based quarterly, created by artists Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, where different artists create an object that incorporates text. All of the designs are objects you can use. Miranda July made a window shade. Starlee Kine made a cutting board to deal with heartbreak. Jonathan Lethem made eyeglasses. The latest issue was designed by James Franco. It’s a mirror with a wallet-sized photo of Brad Renfro, and James has hand-written in lipstick, “Brad Forever” on each mirror. Does it get any better? Mine is perched in my kitchen for constant viewing.

Additionally, the issue includes a poster of James getting the word “BRAD” carved into his arm by tattooer Mark Mahoney. This is a not to be missed issue. You can purchase this issue individually, but you should just become a subscriber and receive four issues of THE THING in the mail. There’s nothing like opening the mailbox and anticipating the suprise of what the next THING will be! This year’s upcoming issues are desinged by: MacFadden & Thorpe, Dave Eggers, and Shannon Ebner!

Here’s a link to THE THING and a video of James signing away his love for Renfro.

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