The Rumpus Mini-Interview Project #43: Alana Voth in Conversation with Her Facebook Friend, Terry Gearlds


Terry Gearlds and I have never met. We’re friends on Facebook. We share some stuff in common like True Blood and horror movies. Also, anytime either of us see a picture of Bradley Cooper with no shirt on our nipples get hard. I dig Terry’s blog. That photo of him when he tweezed his eyebrows is terrific! Above all, Terry has a big heart.


Alana: We’re friends on Facebook and have never met in person. How many of your Facebook friends have you never met, and given the chance, which of those would you most like to meet? What would you do?

Terry: I haven’t met 73 of my 125 Facebook friends. If I could meet any of the ones I’ve never met, I’d want to meet Pax Romano, Alana Noel Voth, Vince Liaguno, Kristy Jett, and Chris Moore. We’d probably watch movies while having loads of laughs.

Alana: You once played Dr. Seward in a stage production of Dracula. What was the audition process like? Did you suffer any stage fright opening night?

Terry: It was a volunteer community theatre. Instead of the typical auditioning process, we sat in a circle and read the character we wanted. The director, the late Lynn Fannelli, didn’t think I was right for the part because my voice was too high. I never speak in my natural voice, which is deep, because it never suited me. Instead, I speak in a higher, softer voice. My friends were snickering because they knew what was going to happen next. Instantaneous sex-change! I went from my soft, high, voice to a deep voice. The director’s eyes continued to get bigger as everyone cackled with laughter. I got the part. LOL. It was a difficult play. Everything that could go wrong did, but on opening night (Halloween) my nerves were calm. I’ve never been nervous or had stage fright during a play.

Alana: You love gummy bears. What’s your favorite flavor, and who would you not kick out of bed for eating all your gummies?

Terry: My favorite would have to be pineapple. To answer the second part, I say Channing Tatum! He could spend forever in my bed, hogging all the covers, eating every gummy bear I had and I’d be fine with it!

Alana: On your Facebook page you quote Edmund Gosse: “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.” What does the quote mean to you?

Terry: It means love built on a foundation of lies is never authentic, but love built on a foundation of truth is the only love worth having. I’m comforted that those who truly love me, love me for who I am. I’m the real me 24/7.

Alana: Who’d win in a cage fight: Julie Strain or RuPaul?

Hahaha! As much as I LOVE RuPaul, I go with Julie Strain. Julie Strain would rip RuPaul’s wig off and beat his ass with it! She’s one tough chickadiva.

Alana: You’ve asserted on Facebook whoredom has replaced true love. Why so? Have you ever been in love?

Terry: In my brief relationship experience, I’ve learned when people are not trying to benefit financially from having you as a partner, they’re wanting a “One Night Stand” or a “Friend With Benefits.” I’ve been hurt in the worst ways and my hope of finding true love has all but diminished. People can be evil and heartless, thinking only of themselves without any consideration of the damage they’re inflicting on other people. To answer the second part, there have been a few times I felt in love, but it was more of an intense crush.

Alana: Rumor has it you don’t spend enough time in the real world. Where are you most times?

Terry: When I’m not living a dream life in my mind, or experiencing life through a movie, I’m on the internet chatting with some of the most awesome people I’ve never met.

Alana: From your experience, how does Facebook bring people together?

Terry: Facebook has introduced me to people from all over the world. People I would’ve never known existed otherwise. People I have a lot in common with. When actress Rue McClanahan passed away, I stated I didn’t know it was possible to care so much about someone I’d never met. That’s how I feel about most my Facebook friends.

Alana Noel Voth's work has recently appeared in The Lit Pub, Specter Magazine, Dream Lover, Bluestem, Best of Best Gay Erotica, volume 3, and The Used Furniture Review. The editors at Bluestem recently nominated her story, "Boxy Temples," for a Pushcart Prize, and her story collection, Fall, is due out in 2012 from Tiny Hardcore Press. More from this author →