London Isn’t the Only City That’s Burning


London is definitely a hot case right now.  But once you start taking a look elsewhere, you’ll see that the UK is not the only country where riots are taking form.

Student protests in Chile have been gaining momentum for the past several months. Students, teachers, and others who support the cause have been “staging chaotic demonstrations against their government” as a means to demand an increase in funding for the country’s public education system.  The link above will take you to a site with a succinct synopsis of the protests, followed by 38 photographs that will probably blow your mind just as much as they did mine.  Really incredible photography that captures the soul of the movement.

Protests are erupting across the globe, proving all the more that the majority of the world’s population is angry about the forces of neoliberalism that are forcing state governments to cut spending from crucial sectors such as education, health, and public services.  London is burning, but it certainly won’t be the last to erupt in flames.

Claire Rush studies Geography and French at UC Berkeley. She lives in one of the largest co-ops in North America and has been an active member in the Berkeley Student Cooperative for the last two years. Apart from yoga and biking and the occasional hike, her main activities include chilling, hanging around, trying to teach herself how to cook, daydreaming about Burning Man, and watching seasons of old TV shows on the internet. More from this author →