Final Dispatch from the Great Mistakes Tour


The third leg of comic Kyle Kinane’s Great Mistakes Tour has been officially documented. This part of Isaac and Kyle’s foray into the expansive American landscape includes Sioux Falls and Omaha, more Taco Bell and one sentimental, applause-filled coda to the tour. And while desolate roads and small towns may not fuel the hours of driving with perpetual excitement, those hours do allow some awesome road trip meditations:

“It’s easy to romanticize being on the road. Seeing America. The freedom. The sense of being in a place you’ve never been before, your body occupying a space it’s never before filled, exploring a country that felt so big until you actually saw it, until it became real, until the postcards were photographs with Kyle’s travel-worn face as the fifth head on Mount Rushmore.”

Sam Riley is an adult who works at McSweeney's. More from this author →