August’s Rumpus Book Club Selection


August is upon us. This new month brings with it an exciting Rumpus Book Club selection—Alex Shakar’s Luminarium, published by Soho Press.

The synopsis is as intriguing as the praise it’s been garnering. Dave Eggers offered his praise, calling it “funny, and soulful, and very sad, but so intellectually invigorating you’ll want to read it twice.” The novel follows the story of two brothers—Fred and George, CEOs living in New York. When George ends up in a coma, Fred participates in a reality-shattering neurological experiment. Besides the compelling plot, it’s “a novel that’s as much about the role technology and spirituality play in shaping our reality as it is about the undying bond between brothers, and the redemptive possibilities of love.”

If you’ve got any Rumpus Book Club ambivalence preventing you from getting on board, here are some reasons that will aid you in your decision-making. For $25 a month, you get a book that has yet to be released—a book that comes with an online chat with the author and opportunities to review the book on the Rumpus.

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