Cormac McCarthy’s Lunch


In the spirit of taking on literary identities under the guise of an internet profile (like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s famed twitter), there’s another way to take on the writerly stylings of beloved authors. “Yelping With Cormac” is the blog for “Cormac M” who reviews his favorite Bay Area eateries in his best McCarthy-est voice. Here are some words excerpted from one of his taqueria reviews:

“His eyes shift upward to a circling vulture, a sentinel of inevitability. The blood is almost black. He has another hour at most. The pain comes in waves, lingering like the burn of bad whiskey. One bullet left in the Colt.

Something as yet unheralded has died when a quesadilla comes on a spinach tortilla.”

Sam Riley is an adult who works at McSweeney's. More from this author →