Facebook Chats With Random Men #16: Fakhir Returns


Fakhir returns to discuss the mysteries of God and parking with Alina Simone in this round of Chats With Random Men.

2:57 pm Fakhir
Hi my dear
wy are you silent i dont understand you ?
do you hate me or something?

3:00pm Alina
Hi Fakhir. I don’t hate you.

3:01pm Fakhir
so what? why dont answer me ?

3:02pm Alina
I know this might be hard to believe, but sometimes I have Facebook open?
…and simply walk away from the computer.
It makes me feel drunk with freedom.

3:03pm Fakhir
so do you drink?

3:04pm Alina
I like the way your mind works, Fakhir. I do tipple on occasion. And you?

3:04pm Fakhir
i dont drink at all

3:05pm Alina
Interesting! And why is that?

3:05pm Fakhir
i dont know it is prohibited in our religion

3:06pm Alina
I see! So the plan is: don’t drink, go to heaven?

3:06pm Fakhir
i dont realy know if there is a heaven
do you believe in god?

3:09pm Alina
This chat has really zoomed from the mundane to the philosophical!
In my more whimsical moments, I definitely believe in God.
But I only find myself praying when I really need a parking spot or for the train to come.
Maybe I believe in a God of Transportation?

3:10pm Fakhir
ohhhhh my GOD we should pray 5 times a day, are you christian?

3:12pm Alina
If I prayed 5 times a day, I’d have a TON of parking spaces! It’s worth thinking about, for sure.
I am kind of sort of Christian. But only in the lamest possible way.

3:13pm Fakhir
ok. what is your job my dear

3:14pm Alina
Right now my job is to have a finger available whenever my baby feels like sucking on it.
But also? I am a writer. In fact, I have this column called Facebook Chats With Random Men.

3:15pm Fakhir
arent you a singer ?

3:15pm Alina
Oh right! And I am also a singer. Thanks for reminding me.

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