Adam Gopnik Interview


“A prolific writer, Adam Gopnik has left almost no topic untouched, from Darwin and Lincoln to—not necessarily in that order – Mark Twain, Marx (Groucho), W.H. Auden, James Taylor, leaving New York for Paris, leaving Paris for New York, dogs, razors, artificial intelligence, libraries, Babar, snowflakes, fireflies, shopping, museums, magicians, 9/11, the DSK scandal (on which — no one is perfect — he quotes approvingly Bernard-Henry Levy), the Dreyffus Affair, television for plants, and, yes, even Jesus (more than once).”

ZYZZYVA interviews New Yorker critic Adam Gopnik, who also has a blog and many personal writing achievements beyond the topics he’s covered for the New Yorker (as listed above).  With everything Gopnik has written about, begs the question, “what’s an interviewer left to talk about that Gopnik has not already written about?”

Maria Chiang is a usually a fun person. More from this author →