“In the Pink,” a Rumpus Original Poem by Maureen Thorson


In the Pink

I walk the beach
by the Tickle Inn
and I know
that breakups suck.

There’s some camo
you can try
to conceal you
from yourself

but the skirt
keeps riding up.
I know. I’m sad, too.
The sugary white sands

of ovarian cancer
and the Lifetime Channel
slowly pouring
from the glass.

Jellyfish are goo
and survive by
being poisonous,

I can’t do that,
but I’ve got goals:
to become
a certified personal trainer/

nutrition consultant.
Let me tell you
to look like me:

the flamingo
with the rick-rack
and rhinestone eyes:

black as yes
and shining,
an enormous
personal growth

that a hot and shirtless
hubby watches,
plushly thanking
gender roles

for less than complete
of athletic rounding.
Forget him, girl:

that airbrushed sunset
and feather
your nest

with this advice:
be the bower ballad,
the last one standing.
Ride the curl.

Maureen Thorson

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