“into a film,” a Rumpus Original Poem by Ryan Eckes





into a film

a wonderful thing about philadelphia is
it’s not new york city      parts of us

are real      they stand on the ground
which is not an idea      tops of churches

stick out, feathers in caps      backwards
frontwards      sideways      some fly

some don’t      sundown      sunflower
squirrels down town     eat up the night

pick a fight     pick a fight     choose your
battles     it’s a free country     love it

leave it     come crawling back     back
to mama     flag a cab      flag a cab

tip the driver     he works hard     works
hard for shit     shit shit shit     watching

my mouth       trying to get in as my mouth
watches it back     watching the flags of

common currency     “the 6th borough”
quivers on your lips     mist in the exhaust

of road rage     that settles into a film
the film stars us     we’re in it together

you are a history stuffed w/ fables
i’m mere patchwork     we’re trying

to be real     through fatal slumbers     i
lumber     i lumber      am i in a fatal

slumber?       i feel “patchy”     like south
philly     it’s patchy, they say     you gotta

watch out    you don’t know      who’s real
around here     who’s real     that we may

pursue determinately some fixed object
that the mouth may talk      and be worth

something      to go for a ride      w/out
being taken for a ride

– Ryan Eckes


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