A National Poetry Month Special: “Bones” by Melissa Broder, Illustrated by Paul Tunis


When Paul Tunis emailed me and asked if I’d be interested in looking at a comic he’d drawn in collaboration with the poet Melissa Broder, my answer was an unequivocal yes. I’d have said yes even without the excuse of National Poetry Month or a scheduled review of Broder’s book. Click on more to see why I was so excited. – Ed.








About Paul Tunis: At three, I would stare into the sun on the way to karate class. I have had my work in Bateau, Drunken Boat, TheTHE Poetry, Paper Darts, Loaded Bicycle, and other places. I have two ongoing online comics: Blind to Blue and Omphaloskepsis. Just recently, I authored the small book Blind to Blue and Other Things: A Stack of Poetry Comics. I still sleep with my childhood blanket ‘Furry’ and my girlfriend seems okay with it.

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