Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012


Maurice Sendak passed away this morning at 83. The New York Times looks back at his lengthy life.

A life in pictures.

“I refuse to lie to children… I refuse to cater to the bullshit of innocence.” A 2011 interview with The Guardian.

“I think Wild Things is the first complete work of art in the picture book field, conceived, written, illustrated, executed in entirety by one person of authentic genius. Most books are written from the outside in. But Wild Things comes from the inside out.” Ursula Nordstrom, Sendak’s editor, in a 1964 letter to Nat Hentoff of The New Yorker.

Sendak did a hilarious two part interview with Stephen Colbert earlier this year.

The New Yorker on Sendak and “the perils of childhood.”

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