The Hemingway Papers


The Toronto Star‘s well-designed archive of Ernest Hemingway’s newspaper articles for the Canadian paper provides access to evidence of the young author honing his spartan style and exploring his favorite themes.

One such exceedingly-Hemingway gem is from an article about getting a free shave from amateur barbers: “For a visit to the barber college requires the cold, naked valor of the man who walks clear-eyed to death.” Hilariously hyperbolic? Yes. Very, very awesome? Even more yes.

The website hosts 70 of Hemingway’s articles for The Star from when he was 20 to 24 years of age.  The articles cover the gamut, from wartime Europe to the new exotic gambling games of the Toronto high society. In yet another highlight, Hemingway’s two most iconic interests, boxing and women, appear in an article aptly titled Prizefight Women about the first prizefight ladies were allowed to attend in Toronto. (Warning: Highly Provocative Maleness.)

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

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