The Great Gig in the Sky


Our universe may exist inside a black hole,” says Inside Science Minds guest columnist, Nikodem Poplawski.

According to Poplawski, the theoretical physics behind the assumption of our existing inside of a black hole would help to explain many unsolved questions and fill in important details about our universe. The “black hole theory” provides an explanation of the universe on the macro and micro scales by combining two of the most influential strains of theoretical physics, the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, into a single theory – quantum gravity. Poplawski goes onto explain how the subatomic forces in a black hole could account for a more precise explanation of the Big Bang:

The enormous amount of particles being created in our black hole have spin, which would then create space-time torsion, a repulsive force that counters gravity, and so the extremely dense matter in the black hole would eventually expand. BOOM, a universe!

Fun fact #1:  This means we have a parent-universe where the black hole we exist in resides and from which we have gained the directionality of time and the spin of our universe.

Fun fact #2: Scientists believe there are tens of millions of black holes scattered through out space.

Fun fact #3: Pink Floyd was right, man

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