“Heck yes I’m willing to do this, I love peanut butter!”


Have you been searching for a collection of peanut-butter related news to no avail? Look no further:

There’s a peanut-butter craving thief on the prowl in Ohio, who comes into a gas station most evenings after midnight and “snatches Reese’s peanut butter cups.” Last Tuesday, he upped his game, grabbing his usual sweets and then heading for “a saltier snack, grabbing a bag of chips” on his way out.

Shel Silverstein reports about a (fictional) young king who may have “committed suicide
from eating his last peanut-butter sandwich.” (We won’t spoil the ending for you.)

The world record for largest peanut butter and jelly sandwich belongs to the town of Grand Saline in East Texas. Oklahoma City used to have the bragging rights, but the denizens of Grand Saline, including Miss Texas and the owners of Nutty’s Peanut Butter, insisted that “Texas is always going to beat Oklahoma.” Turns out PB&J is always bigger in Texas.

“I am not Mr. Peanut,” McNutty stressed during an interview. “Mr. Peanut wears tights. I wear leggings.”

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