FUNNY WOMEN #80: My Future Author Bios, from Least to Most Likely


After surviving the Intergalactic Insurrection by betraying Earth, Rupinder Gill was appointed writer in residence on the fifth moon of Gortax 5. She has written for The Paris Review, The New Yorker, and the Prisoners of Gortax 5 Poetry Annual.

Rupinder Gill lives in the Republic of Seychelles where she runs a bed and breakfast with her husband, the actor Ryan Gosling. She is a two-time winner of the National Book Award, and a three-time winner of the Miss Seychelles beauty pageant.

Rupinder Gill is the author of the bestselling urban detective series Tyler Perry Presents Murders. Prior to this, Gill ran a successful photography business specializing in nudes of the male actors from the television series True Blood.

This is Rupinder Gill’s fifth book in her award-winning Golden Girls erotica series. She lives in Miami.

Douchebags Are a Girl’s Best Friend is Rupinder Gill’s debut novel, under the mentorship of her literary idol, Tucker Max.

This is Rupinder Gill’s first book and last book. After trying to add homemade Oprah’s Book Club stickers to it at a Newark Barnes & Noble, she was tased to death by a security guard on a power trip.

Rupinder Gill is an award-entering writer whose book Later That Night was discovered to be a plagiarism of Elie Wiesel’s renowned memoir.

For not writing a book, Rupinder Gill has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction twice to make up for 2012.

This is Rupinder Gill’s only book. It was hailed by Michiko Kakutani as “one too many.”

This is Rupinder Gill’s 85th self-published book. She recently moved back in with her parents.


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After graduating high school as the class valedictorian, Rupinder Gill studied Arts at the University of Toronto then moved back into her parents’ basement for a year. Her first book, the best-selling On The Outside Looking Indian, was short­listed for the Stephen Leacock Medal for humor writing. Named one of Canada's funniest female writers by CBC Book Club, she has also written for the NBC/Global comedy Working the Engels, The Onion, O Magazine, McSweeneys, CBC Radio, and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. More from this author →