The DIY Sentry Gun Scene


Tech crunch hypothesizes that yes, contrary to what you may have believed previously, there is in fact money to be made in the DIY sentry gun scene.

Rudolph Labs has released an open source tracking sentry gun system that uses household items such as your webcam, computer, and paintball gun or airsoft rifle. The sum of these parts is a militant surveillance system that scans the scene, reports movement, and launches into a rapid fire attack once locked on target. Costing only $110 and all your free time (according to its makers), it seems likely that independent sentry operations are the way of the future.

Aimee Burnett lives in Toronto where there is more brick than stucco, and more plains than hills. She is a design/editorial intern at McSweeney’s and The Rumpus whilst summering in SF. More from this author →