Pro Tip: Penning The Erotic


Erotic fiction seems to be making some kind of comeback.

In light of this, we could all learn a thing or two from Seth Fried. The writer spices up “Das Kolumne” by teaching us how to write erotica. To wit:

“Readers who seek out erotica tend to be motivated more out of curiosity and boredom than actual lust. So the goal is not to be explicit in your depictions of sex. Rather, you should endeavor to make the sexuality in your fiction mysterious and surprising. Since even the most peculiar sex acts have already been well-documented at this point, the best way to keep readers guessing is to introduce them to new body parts. The simple addition of a prehensile lobe protruding from the nape of your heroine’s neck or an extra sinus cavity concealed coquettishly in her armpit is all you need to provide your readers with a much needed thrill.”

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