Pre-Olympic Pre-Emptive Strikes


London authorities are bent on making sure that the Olympics Games will proceed without a hitch.

Their strategies include arresting people who they think may pose a threat to that smoothness, in advance, before any crimes are committed. Four men, aged between 18 and 38, have been arrested “on suspicion of conspiracy to commit criminal damage” and “on suspicion of incitement to commit criminal damage,” according to The Guardian. Each of the four men were arrested in an attempt to curb the amount of graffiti in the city during the games.

In an added twist, one of the four men, Darren Cullen, is the head of the firm “Graffiti Kings,” the self-advertised “only professional Graffiti company approved by the British Government.”

All four men were released on bail until November, under the condition that they don’t use any London rail transport, don’t carry any kind of paint, and don’t go within a mile of any Olympic site.

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