Help Tomorrow Now!


Early last month GOOD magazine fired its entire editorial staff and instead of receding into the dismal ether of unemployment, the ex-GOOD magaziners banned together to make a single issue of their own print magazine, Tomorrow.

We like these people – they have spunk. They have bucket loads of spunk. Their aptly named Tomorrow is “going to be a large glossy publication about the immediate future—about the ideas and trends and people and phenomena that are on the cusp of being big.” Very neat! We all like future stuffs, especially large glossy futures. Unfortunately, they are still in need of funds for compensating their lovely writers, editors, and illustrators. Luckily, there are a couple ways to donate:

1) Kickstarter – Donate at least $15 (IN THE NEXT 4 DAYS!) and you’ll receive a copy of the magazine in October. If you don’t know what Kickstarter is, you can learn about it here.

2) Good ol’ fashioned way – You can also send a check to them directly, made out to Tomorrow Magazine.

Tomorrow Magazine

843 1/2 E. Kensington Rd.

Los Angeles, CA 90026


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