Here Are Some Stories Seth Likes


It’s been awhile since I’ve been a-Rumpusing, but I got this email from the talented Ashley Bethard thanking me for including her in an old Here Are Some Stories I Like link list, and I got to thinking about  how much I loved doing those, so I asked Isaac if I could do them again, and he said yes.

So now, Monday mornings, I’ll be here with excerpts from and links to very short fiction and essays I liked that hopefully you’ll like too.

“Do not watch the man seed or it will not grow.” At > kill author, “Instructions for Growing Men,” fiction by Margaret Patton Chapman. 

“More and more, people were looking young. Maybe this had to do with the chemicals in the water.” At Bartleby Snopes, “Amy in Twenty Chapters,” fiction by Nick Sansone. 

“At least that’s how your gym teacher makes it sound, like your tunnel down there is studded with gems so precious you need an armored car in order to make your way safely through the world.” At Brevity, “A Brief Natural History of an Eight Grade Girl,” nonfiction by Sarah Freligh.

“She pretended for a second that the grains of salt were not grains at all. That they were blades instead. But blades took courage, and courage was just another word in a long list of things that she lacked.” — At PANK, “Salted Wounds,” fiction by Ashley Bethard.  

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