90 Days, 90 Reasons


With time waning in the electoral race between Obama and Romney, the lack of energy and enthusiasm is striking.

Obama’s reelection seems to be met with the proverbial sound of crickets chirping — a sound indicative of apparent voter apathy. Disillusioned by unmet expectations, and unimpressed by what this president has delivered while in office, those who got him into office in the first place seem to have thrown in the towel and are standing idly by this time round.

90 days, 90 reasons seeks to remind voters “of what Obama has accomplished, and all he will do if given another term” as well as the looming problems of another Republican majority and presidency. Looking to counteract the possibility of a democratic disaster like the Bush election of 2000, this initiative provides daily reasons to support the re-election of Obama. The reasoning will come from a range of cultural figures, including the likes of Roger Ebert, Russell Simmons, and Matthew Zapruder. You can follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Aimee Burnett lives in Toronto where there is more brick than stucco, and more plains than hills. She is a design/editorial intern at McSweeney’s and The Rumpus whilst summering in SF. More from this author →